Transformational Learning Promise

Students learn differently now, and educational facilities must evolve with this shift in pedagogy. Design for Learning takes this simple premise as its mandate and is transforming the way schools use space. Design for Learning connects progressive leaders at school districts with forward-thinking design that embraces the way 21st century students learn, giving educators the tools they need to create flexible learning environments and improve student achievement in practical, replicable ways.

Design for Learning is a testing ground for new methods – grounded in research, practice, and outcomes – that are redefining how educators approach space and learning. Schools are still being built to accommodate learning styles and careers of the last century, while new strategies for learning are being handicapped and undermined by learning environments that often ignore the advances of the past decades. Students will be better prepared for the future if the places where they learn match the means by which they learn. By working with hundreds of urban school districts in every major American city, Design for Learning engages teachers, students, and school stakeholders in forging the learning cultures they seek.

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